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We offer a wide range of coverings and claddings for a variety of applications:


WrapTec is a new material for sealings in the area of technical insulation. The unique self-welding characteristic allows fast and easy installations at any construction site. The high performance material provides an extreme UV stability and weather resistance in all environments. Due to its absolute water and humidity tight sealing it prevents corrosion under insulation (CUI) at the duct pipe.  

Take a look at some of the excellent possible applications of WrapTec and how easy it is to work with – no complicated measurements, no high-volume material supplies, and no special tools or hazardous substances required. Click Here

VENTURECLAD (manufacturer 3M)

VentureClad jacketing is a revolutionary way of weatherproofing insulation as it is a completely self-adhesive product not requiring additional adhesive or mastics to create a seal. The materials bonds 100% to the surface of the insulation providing a zero-permeability barrier that moisture cannot penetrate, providing a neat, clean, and dependable weather barrier. The unique adhesive system offers excellent resistance to moisture, UV exposure, and allows application in a wide range of weather conditions including cold temperatures. Additionally, VentureClad jacketing is easily cut with a pair of standard scissors, eliminating the need for expensive off site fabrication and allowing a fast, on-site tailored installation which requires no special tools to install and dramatically reduces labor expenses.

ISOGENOPAK (manufacturer Sebald iso-system)

Isogenopak is a special rigid PVC film for jacketing insulated pipes. A dry, clean fitting is guaranteed. The inherent curl makes it the ideal material for quick and easy covering. Isogenopak is self-extinguishing and has considerable resistance to acids, alkalis, salts, oil, petrol, alipathic hydrocarbons and corrosive atmospheres. In addition, the material cannot corrode and is virtually impermeable to water vapour. It is unaffected by fresh and salt water and imprevious to gases, grease and oil.

PIB – POLYISOBUTYLENE (manufacturers Plysolene / Scapa / Anglo Adhesives)

PIB is a weatherproofing material for insulation ductwork and pipework. It is produced from high molecular weight polyisobutylene, modified to achieve optimum properties. A range of thicknesses from 0.5mm to 1.2mm are available to cover all applications from small pipes to large ductwork sections. The standard colour is black, but white is also available for internal uses only. The sheeting is easily applied over insulation. The seams, overlaps and endlaps are solvent welded, using a stiff brush, with welding agent.


Aluminum is a light-weight metal that is typically the material of choice throughout the insulation industry. An aluminum sheet that has been stucco embossed is a lot more durable than one that is not. Stucco embossing also reduces the light-reflecting ability of the metal. This is due to the pebble-like surface, which is achieved once it has been given a proper finish.