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Pipe insulation materials come in a large variety of forms, but most materials fall into one of the following categories.

We Stock Rock Fibre, Armacell and Foam Insulation, all other available to order

Rock Fibre Pipe Section (manufacturers Paroc / Knauf / Rockwool) - We Stock a large Size Range from 15mm to 108mm

Mineral rock wool is made from strands of mineral fibre bonded together using organic binders. Mineral wools are capable of operating at high temperatures and exhibit good fire performance ratings when tested. Mineral rock wools are used on all types of pipework, particularly industrial pipework operating at higher temperatures.

Glass Fibre Pipe Section (manufacturers Sager / Isover)

Glass wool is a high-temperature fibrous insulation material, similar to mineral wool, where inorganic strands of glass fibre are bound together using a binder. As with other forms of mineral wool, glass-wool insulation can be used for thermal and acoustic applications.

PIR Pipe Section (manufacturers Kingspan / Anglitemp)

PIR (Polyisocyanurate) pipe section is a closed cell foam material, with excellent moisture resistance. With operating temperatures ranging from -180° to +140°, PIR pipe section is one of the most efficient insulation materials available.

Nitrile Rubber (manufacturers Kaimann / Armacell)

Nitrile pipe insulation is a flexible, closed-cell foam, which exhibits such a high resistance to the passage of water vapour that it does not generally require additional water-vapour barriers. Such high vapour resistance, combined with the high surface emissivity of rubber, allows flexible foams to prevent surface condensation formation with comparatively small thicknesses. As a result, nitrile foams are widely used on refrigeration and air-conditioning pipework, but can also be used on heating and hot-water systems.

Duct Insulation is used on air conditioning, warm air and extractor ducts, located either in plant rooms and boiler houses or externally. It can also be used to thermally insulate cold water storage tanks, feeds and expansion tanks.

we supply variety of products, suitable for insulation circular ductwork.

GLASS FIBRE DUCTWRAP (manufacturers Sager / Isover / Knauf)

Glass fibre ductwrap is a flexible, resilient roll which is applied to the exterior of metal ductwork. It can be easily cut and fitted to achieve a neat, thermally-effective exterior insulation blanket over rectangular, round, oval, or irregularly shaped duct surfaces. The glass fibre is factory-laminated to a reinforced aluminium foil and is available in various thicknesses. When applied to the exterior of metal ductwork, this product controls condensation and reduces heat loss or gain.

ROCK FIBRE DUCTWRAP (manufacturers Paroc / Rockwool)

Rock fibre ductwrap is a strong, flexible roll of non-combustible rock mineral wool with a Bright Class ‘O’ reinforced aluminium foil facing on one side. Rock fibre ductwrap is for the thermal insulation of round, oval and square internal ductwork operating at temperatures up to 200˚C. It can also used be used for the thermal insulation of cold water storage, feed and expansion tanks.

NITRILE RUBBER ROLL (manufacturers Kaimann / Armacell)

Nitrile foam rubber is a black flexible elastomeric thermal insulation. It is furnished with a smooth

skin on one side which forms the outer exposed insulation surface. The expanded closed-cell structure makes it an efficient insulation and means there is no need for a foil faced vapour barrier. It is manufactured without the use of CFC’s, HFC’s or HCFC’s. It is also effective for reducing HVAC noise.